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...is the story of a young girl with magical potential who lives in a witch-fearing farming village in 1790 North Carolina.

People who have read the book say...  

“Frances M. Wood’s portrait of Rosemary is extraordinary, and her prose is rich, clear and clean…Altogether, Becoming Rosemary was a joy to read. Wonderful.” Karen Cushman

“A nearly flawless, always charming coming-of-age tale…An auspicious debut.” Kirkus Reviews 

“Splendid…The details of ordinary life are beautifully observed, and the characters so subtly drawn they will live in your imagination long after you’ve closed the book.” Nancy Willard 

“The writing has a silvery quality….Young readers captured by the suspense will find depth here as well.” The Bulletin, Recommended 

“A gentle but realistic story of growing up…Its unusual combination of historical setting and magic is an effective and remarkable way to present the traditional ‘coming-of-age’ story…Refreshing.” Voice of Youth Advocates, Highest Quality Rating 

“A hymn to the pains and joys of special gifts, magical and otherwise.” Publishers Weekly 

BECOMING ROSEMARY has been published in the following editions…

Hardback: Delacorte, 1997
Audio: Recorded Books, 1997
Paperback: Dell Yearling, 1998
Danish Language: Glyndal, 1998
Turkish Language: Bulut Yayinevi, 1998, 2020 
Print-On-Demand: Dell, 2002