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...she absolutely did not want to move to New Mexico. The wild west was where the creatively dangerous went to remake themselves. Molly hadn’t a suspicion that she was going to fit right in.

People who have read the book say…
“…generously laced with adventure, elements of danger, suspense, excitement, romance, and humor...Ms. Wood seamlessly interweaves fact with fiction in this lively, thoroughly engaging, oftentimes mouthwatering adventure.” jama rattigan's alphabet soup

“…entertaining characters and a fast-paced plot will keep readers engaged. The gentle presentation of multiculturalism is an added feature.” Kirkus

“The novel is exceptionally well-researched, and Wood has a knack for making the train and restaurant scenes come alive.” Historical Novel Review

“This thoroughly enjoyable book combines fact, fiction, and adventure beautifully, and it will give readers a fascinating picture of the past.”  Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

“An original setting, filled with interesting details about young women's lives in the Harvey Eating Houses, characterizes this captivating, well-researched historical narrative.” Horn Book Guide

“The values of education, courage, and simplicity all come together in this delightful tale.” Booklist

WHEN MOLLY WAS A HARVEY GIRL has been published in the following editions...

Hardback: Kane/Miller Books, 2010
Audio: Audible.com, 2012